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新疆时时彩开奖号码及走势图 www.vdrzy.tw Training Courses

1. Major field:3D Printer

  • Teaching Plan:First year,technology principle, 3D printer operation, slicing software operation,design modeling,project training,3D printing consumables, 3D printer DIY assembly, 3D printer troubleshooting, advanced modeling,reverse engineering 3D printing related equipment business expansion,enterprise practice.

  • Area of employment:mechanical parts production, reverse engineering application, new product development assistance, industrial design etc.

  • Expected salary:5000-8000RMB/Month 

2. Major field:Industry Roboter

  • Teaching Plan:Manufacture and debugging of electronic products, mechanical drawings, electrical drawings, metal technology, hydraulic and pneumatic technology, the application of PLC technology, the German vocational education institutions to provide the industrial robot design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of a full set of technical courses etc.

  • Area of employment:Industrial robot application system and other mechanical and electrical equipment installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance posts, mechanical/electrical equipment procurement and sales, other posts.

  • Expected salary:5000-8000RMB/Month 

       JAC students in training 

       JAC students in training 

       JAC students in class