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Beijing JingAnCheng Science & Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 and transfer to vocational education and training field in 2015. The company is established together by  staff who have been graduated from german Uni as well as some domestic scholars and professors who expertize in Sino-German vocational education concepts, system and teaching Methods.

Our "Sino-German Cooperative Schools" Project is similar to "UBER MODE" .We don't face to students directly, instead we are responsible for training the teachers of our partner schools,who will later teach their students in the class. We charge a part of fees from each student.

Besides we have made a serials of long and constant cooperation and relationships with some authoritative German or Austrian enterprises and vocational organizations ( e.g. German Aachen Handcraft Association, German Education and Handcraft Foundation, Austrian HTL St. Poelten, Austrian HTL Hallein, German Taut Lof Vocational Group and IFI College etc.).The aim is to enhance teaching standard, training methods, studying fields, management and performance of Chinese vocational education.

 German expert is supervising the sudents of "JAC Sino-Germany Class"

So far, JingAnCheng Science & Technology Co., Ltd. has cooperated with many Chinese institutes and mutually trained vocational school students. In line with being responsible for students’ skill learning and employment and possessing a thorough project operation and management system, JingAnCheng is able to win more and more trust and cooperation.